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Swiss-born singer/songwriter Claudio Cipriani has been forging his own unique trail in music for over thirty years. His songs conjure a feeling of serenity, inspired by quiet moments in wide-open spaces, the grandeur and mystery of nature, the innocence of youth, and the wisdom that comes with age. He is a gifted writer, capable of transporting the listener to a place where the soul can find refuge from the trials and tribulations of modern life.

Born and raised in Bern, he began writing songs and playing the electric guitar as an adolescent. He quickly found himself immersed in the new wave movement, performing in numerous rock bands as a singer and guitarist. As he matured, he found himself interested in a more introspective style and gravitated to the acoustic guitar. His true voice began to blossom as he performed solo gigs across Europe. Heavily influenced by impressionist paintings and music, his songs developed an artistic quality, resonating with thoughtful listeners around the world.

Cipriani’s music has now evolved into an evocative brand of indie-folk, drawing from ancient folk traditions, and embracing unusual instrumentation to bring the one of a kind artist’s message to life. Whether he is collaborating with a classical composer or performing with just his guitar for accompaniment, his music is singular, serene, and pure.



Claudio Cipriani, ein stadtberner Musiker mit venezianischen Wurzeln singt gefühlvolle, filigrane englische Songs über unberührte Flecken in der Natur und berührende menschliche Begegnungen. Seine warme, kraftvolle und quellenhaft klare Stimme begleitet er mit versiertem Spiel auf der akustischen Gitarre. Er komponiert melodiöse, impressionistische Folk-Popsongs, die atmosphärisch sanft bis erdig rhythmisch klingen. Darin verwebt er Stimmungen und Erlebnisse aus seinen zahlreichen Aufenthalten in Schottland, Irland, Portugal und England. Claudio Cipriani orientiert sich am englischen Liedgut von Songwritern wie Nick Drake, Damien Rice und Donovan aber auch an klassischen Komponisten wie Claude Debussy und Ottorino Respighi.

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